Commercial Roof USA

Naas Ferreira - Founder of Commercial Roof USA

Naas Ferreira

President, CEO,
Naas founded Commercial Roof USA in 1987. He has been a roofing contractor for the last 30 years. The late William Buckley was the first customer.

Erik Ferreira is the manager and co-owner of Commercial Roof USA

Erik Ferreira

Co-owner manager
Erik joined Commercial Roof USA in 2008 and had been a Roofing Contractor that enjoys installing and repairing flat roofs.

Sven Ferreira is part of the Commercial roof USa team

Sven Ferreira

Project Manager
Sven is the project manager and installs and repairs all types of rubber roofs.

Commercial Roof USA

Commercial Roof USA has been in business since 1986. We specialize in the installation and repair of flat roofs on commercial and residential buildings. We are the leaders in the installation of the Two-Ply Rubber Roof System that will last beyond 40 years. We use a Modified Bitumen Torch Down Rubber with a Modified Bitumen Base, and the combination makes it the best in the roofing industry.

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    I contracted Commercial Roof USA to redo my roof in Greenwich , CT. I am writing this to say how well pleased I was with their performance. They were very proffessional in their assessment of the roof and got a well written estimate in time.
    After accepting the proposal they completed the roof in a very timely fashion and everything was clean.

    I recommend their service to anyone that need a flat roof installed proffessionally. They are my Roofing Contrators from now on.

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    Review was written by Bonny Baron and send by email

    Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine writing a positive review about a roofing company. However, Commercial Roof USA is so deserving of praise. I live in a Brooklyn Brownstone apartment with a flat roof that has been leaking. Multiple prior roofers evaluated the leak, and a new roof membrane was placed. However, the problem persists. To make things more complicated, there is now a roof deck above the new roof membrane.

    Desperate to find someone that could help me find and repair the leak, I scoured the internet and came across Commercial Roof USA and Naas Ferreira. They had previously received wonderful recommendations in the Brownstone forums.
    I spoke with Naas directly. He could not have been more helpful on the phone and made it clear he was always available. His business is family owned. He sent his sons Erik and Sven to check my roof. They could not have been nicer, more professional or more honest. Erik crawled around under my deck and evaluated every inch of the roof to look for problems. He found several spots on the flashing of the new roof that were the likely culprits. Needless to say, this job would have been much easier if there was not a roof deck, but Erik was determined to do all in his power to not damage anything unnecessarily.

    More work will be needed, but I won’t let any other roofer near my roof deck other than Naas and his sons. It is such a breath of fresh air to see a small family business maintain such high standards and be so successful.

    Congratulations and thank you, Naas and family, at Commercial Roof USA!

    Bonny J. Baron
    Brooklyn, NY

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