Roof Leak Repairs

Seven reasons that can cause roof leaks

Leak Repairs on a flat roof
A small amount of debris can block a drain filter. This is caused du to lack of maintenance

  • The Lack of maintenance:

Commercial Flat roofs constantly collect debris due to wind. Leaves from trees and other debris get blown unto the roof that during a rain washes to the drain and is caught by the drain filter. It is necessary to have a roof surface cleaned with a leaf blower on a weekly basis.

  • Pitch Pockets

Pitch pockets are open bottom containers that are used to bring condenser pipes and wiring through the roof to an air conditioner unit. These “Pitch Pockets” are usually filled with tar sealing around the pipes and conduit. Over time the tar will dry, shrink and crack causing a leak. They need to be checked at least once a year.

This pitch pocket need to be refreshed with new tar
Notice the foam insulation is open around the copper pipe. Water will follow this pipe into the building

  • Flashing

One of the most common issues that cause roof leaks is flashing. There are many ways and types of flashing. Flashing is referred to as the material used to make a transition from a roof surface to any object. This flashing can be a rubber boot on a vent pipe to the copper or aluminum metal on a wall. Often the flashing is not sealed properly against a wall.

This video shows how the flashing was not sealed properly and how to repair it
  • Vent Pipes

The flashing around vent pipes need to be checked regularly. Some have rubber boots and some have old lead flashing, but all need maintenance from time to time. Watch this video on how to repair the flashing around vents.

This video demonstrate how to repair a vent pipe
  • Drains

When drains block up, they can cause water to back up unto the roof causing pooling. This in turn will put stress on the roof and cause leaks through objects that are not properly sealed.

Watch this demonstration of a roof drain
  • EPDM Rubber Seams

The adhesives on EPDM Rubber Roofs don’t last long due to the excessive heat. This video shows how to go about saving an EPDM Rubber roof by repairing the seams with SUPER SILICONE SEAL. This is a must for everyone with an EPDM Rubber Roof.

  • Metal Roof Seams

The most common problem with metal roofs are the seams of the overlapping panels. The fasteners holding these seams together is what causes the seams to leak.

Watch this video to see how to repair a leaky metal roof seam
  • Skylights causing leaks

Skylights are the most overlooked object that causes leaks on roofs. Repairing skylights has always been a very difficult task. This video shows how to repair a skylight leak that is the cause of a roof leak very simple and efficient.

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