Rubber Roofing – Commercial Flat Roofs

This Video demonstrates how we installed a Two Ply Torch Down Rubber membrane over a tar and gravel roof.

Our Two Ply Rubber Roofing System

We specialize in the installation of 2 ply rubber roofing using the Modified Bitumen Torch Down System. A fiber asphalt sheet is anchored to a substrate, or an existing roof system (removal of an existing roof system is not necessary). A self-adhering single ply modified bitumen rubber membrane is attached to the fiber sheet. To that, a final layer of Modified Bitumen Torch Down Rubber, with embedded ceramic granules (protects against harmful UV rays), is heat-torched to the single ply membrane, creating our 2 ply system. We provide a 40 warranty for every 2 ply Modified Bitumen Torch Down System we install.

Commercial Rubber Roofing: Experience vs. Risk   

Posted on October 10, 2015 by Naas Ferreira

The roofing industry has gone through a major change since the late 1970s. Before this change, commercial flat roofs consisted of a Hot-Tar-and-Gravel Roofing System, which was the industry standard. This type of roofing was very labor intensive and the high costs associated with the tools and equipment kept the number of roofing companies at a minimum. Today, single ply rubber and synthetic membrane roofing systems have become the industry standard. There are three types of membranes that are commonly used on commercial roofs.

They are known as Modified Bitumen Torch Down or MB, Thermoplastic Polyolefin or TPO, and Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or EPDM.

Since these membranes were first introduced to the roofing industry, the installation has become very timely and less labor intensive than in the “hot tar” days. Acquiring the equipment, materials, and labor to install rubber roofs had become very easy. This caused roofing companies to multiply, and this sudden growth created a pool of inexperienced labor, which passed the risk of poor workmanship to the customer. On the other hand, after several decades in the roofing industry and in the presence of the shift to rubber roofing, we have developed a roofing technique that warrants a 40 year life expectancy on all our installations.

Watch the video below which shows how we go a step further with a single ply rubber membrane to a 2 ply rubber membrane on a commercial flat roof. Our system will reach a life expectancy of over 40 years which makes it a system that is far superior to any other single ply system to date.

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We Install or Repair Commercial Flat Roof Components. 

Skylights – Rubber gaskets and flashing are sources of leaks.

Vents – The flashing around vents becomes separated from the rubber roofing material.

Gutters – We provide maintenance service on gutters.

Chimneys – Mortar, brick and stucco on chimneys can crack and cause leaks.

Drains –  We install, relocate, and lower drains to make them more efficient.

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