EPDM Rubber

EPDM rubber roof seams fail prematurely
EPDM Rubber roof seams fail prematurely

EPDM Rubber roof refers to a single-ply rubber membrane that’s composition is that of synthetic rubber. This rubber is the same used for inner tubes of car tires. The seams are glued together with contact cement or glue. This process has proven to fail, and this type of rubber roof does not last longer than ten years before giving a lot of problems. The adhesives used on the seams is what fails and then cause the roof to leak. Over the last 40 years since EPDM has been part of the roofing industry, they have changed the adhesives more than five times trying to correct the issues without success. So far there has not been a proven track record that any of the adhesive compositions had any success. Most roofing contractors in the south have now abandoned the installation of EPDM rubber altogether.

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