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Philip Jordan

Philip Jordan

Philip Jordan – Sales Manager

Philip manages the day to day operations. He brings experience and knowledge that makes him a very valuable team member.

Philip Jordan
Adminstrative Support – Insurance Claims Expert 903-387-2807
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Skylight Leak Repair Flat Roofs

Skylight Leak Repair Specialist

We have been repairing leaky skylights over 30 years

Skylight Leak repair

Leaky Skylights

There are many brands, sizes, and shapes of skylights. There are many reasons for a skylight to leak. The two most common place for the leaks to occur is between the frame and the glass and also the flashing.

Every brand has its way of being repaired. Some skylights have a flat glass surface, and some have a domed plexiglass surface.

Troubleshooting what causes the leak on the skylight is the hard part. It is never evident. The glass must be separated from the frame to be able to replace the gasket. This leak repair is tedious and costly.

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Glass skylights leak repair

Glass skylights are harder to make a leak repair on. There is a gasket between the metal frame and the glass of the skylight. The frame is factory assembled and sometimes not possible to be removed. Many times the cost of repairing a leaky skylight outways the cost of installing a new one. The gasket is not replaceable and therefore a new skylight must be installed.


Glass-skylight-gasket leak repair

Glass Skylight leak repair flashing

The other area where it can leak is on the flashing. When the rubber membrane separates from the flashing water can leak in. This type of leak repair on a skylight is relatively easy and not too costly.

Any roofing contractor that is familiar with that particular roofing system can make a repair.

Skylight-flashing leak repair

Plexiglass Dome Skylights

Plexiglass dome skylights will crack over time causing leaks. The best way to make a leak repair is to replace the top part of the skylight. Some brands allow you to replace the plexiglass by itself. Skylight leak repairs are possible in some case when there is a gasket between the dome and the frame.

Plexiglass-dome-skylight leak repair
Plexiglass Skylight leak repair

Leak Repairs on Flat Roofs

Leak Repairs on Flat Roofs

We have been repairing flat roofs for the last 30 years

Flat roof leak repairs

Flat Roof Leak Repair Specialists

We are the flat roof leak repairs specialists. We repair all types of roof leaks. From Modified Bitumen Torch Down Rubber, EPDM Rubber, TPO  roofs. Our experience comes from 30 years of flat roof installation and leaks repair. Most roof leaks repairs occur on EPDM Rubber roofs. These repairs are necessary due to the failures of the adhesives that used on the seams.

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Modified Bitumen Torch Down Rubber Roof Leak Repairs.

We specialize in Modified Rubber Roofing system. Roof leak repairs are seldom necessary because the material is thick and tough and therefore won’t puncture. Some repairs are necessary due to incorrect flashing attachment or seams that were not welded properly.


Leak Repairs on a flat roof

Leak Repairs on an EPDM Rubber Roof

The seams on an EPDM Rubber Roofs will often separate due to the adhesive failure. Repairing leaks in these rubber roof are common.Roof leak repair is not easy on an EPDM roof because it is hard to detect what causes the leak. We have made 1000’s of roof leak repairs on EPDM rubber roofs. In its forty years of existence, the adhesives have been the main culprit of causing roof leaks. The best way to repair the seams on these EPDM Rubber Roofs is to install a cover tape over every seam.

The other reason why so many repairs are needed is that the caulking used to cover the edge of every seam dries out and shrink making a small void area where two overlapping seams meet. To make a leak repair, in this case, all the caulking has to be removed, and a new beat of caulking applied.

Petroleum based lap sealer is used to make these leak repairs.


Leak Repairs on a TPO Vinyl Roof

TPO roofing requires a heat gun to fuse the seams together. Sometimes when this heat is applied, weather conditions change causing the gun not to apply the proper heat to the seam for melting. This seam can separate and cause a roof leak. To find the leaky area a sharp probe is used against the seam to find a separation or weak spot. After identifying this weak area, a patch is installed with a heat gun. Leak repairs on TPO roofs are not easily done and can be costly.


TPO- Roof Leak Repair

Repairing Roof Leaks

We have been in the Roof Leak Repair business for over 30 years. The challenge is not repairing the leak, but rather finding the cause of it. Troubleshooting a leak on a roof is the hard part, repairing it is the easy part.

We started as The Flat Roof Doctor in Norwalk, Connecticut, repairing leaky roofs. Our experience of over 30 years helps us to find leaks and make the necessary repairs quickly.

Flat Roof Doctor Truck - making Roof Repairs for 40 years