Advantages of Two Ply Torch Down Rubber Roofing – Watch Video

Advantages of Torch Down Rubber Roofs

The video below describes the advantages of a Modified Bitumen (MB) Torch Down Rubber Roof. It is the best roofing material and method that can be installed on commercial flat roofs, to date.  Like EPDM, MB has been used since the late 1960s. Unlike EPDM, the rubber roof material is made from modified asphalt and single-ply bitumen membranes can be combined to create a 2 ply system with which we offer a 40-year warranty.

Advantages of MB:

  •  Designed to be flexible in extreme weather conditions
  •  2-ply rubber roofing membrane is about 5 quarters in thickness (about 3/8″) and puncture resistant.
  •  Rubber roofing surface has embedded granular ceramics that protect against harmful UV degradation
  •  Seams are torch fused together to prevent seam separation
  •  Unlike EPDM and TPO, the 2 ply membrane can withstand a heavy amount of foot traffic
  •  Installation over any type of existing roof surface, with minimal preparation, results in 2 advantages in this case:
  1. Saves the cost of stripping and removing the existing roof
  2. Fusing an additional membrane, over an existing one, creates a 2 ply membrane, that will last beyond 40 years.

Disadvantages of MB:

  • Installation requires highly skilled roofing technicians.
  • Additional layer has an added cost for labor and materials.

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Roofing Contractor explaining about Torch Down Rubber roofing.

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  1. Luis Brea

    Hey Naas and Erik

    Thanks for a great job. I have never been so pleased with people working at my house. The Two-Ply Rubber roof is by far the best roof I have ever had put on any of my buildings. It’s durable, and I have no maintenance issues. Thank you guys for an excellent job. I am very pleased.


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